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Site Updates
  • 4/8/03 - New page for Tenkiller State Park improvements.....see it here
  • 4/7/03 - Looking for a great place to eat? Check out Marsha's Grill on the Dinning page !
  • 3/31/03 - Added fishing report links to site.
  • 3/14/03 - Welcome Pettit Bay Cabins & Grocery to the TLC website. You can find them from the lodging page as well as in other catagories.
  • 2/3/03 - Tenkiller Fishing Guided Tours. Visit there site from the Fishing/Hunting page.
  • 8/30/02 ~ Removed the Banner pages from the site. No sales.....No banners!
  • 8/30/02 ~ New accommodations for Tenkiller Lake. Five Oaks, Find it here.
  • 8/8/02 ~~ Added a new advertiser page to the dinning section. Please welcome Stampede's Buffet.
  • 7/29/02 ~ I 40 traffic restored to the bridge, routing map page converted. New map page for area lakes added.
  • 7/20/02 ~ Added a map for Tenkiller State Park. You can see it here.
  • 7/13/02 ~ Updated the spilway construction status with the latest progress report. Use the "Lake Information" page to access it.
  • 7/13/02 ~ The important matters area for Tenkiller and surrounding has grown to the point that an index page was needed as a central point to provide this information. It can be seen here.
  • 7/1/02 ~~ Another award for the site received, The Ever Eden Design Golden Apple Award. See it here
  • 6/25/02 ~ Added a page for the protection of the Illinois River information. Very important ! Go there
  • 5/29/02 ~ Added a page with a map, so travelers can find their way around the I 40 bridge, that was collapsed in the barge accident.
  • 5/16/02 ~ Added "The Dam RV Park" to the On-line Accommodations Database.
  • 5/15/02 ~ Welcomed MarVal Resort to TLC. Be sure to visit them from the lodging page.
  • 5/13/02 ~ Copyright Statement revised.
  • 5/8/02 ~~ Added a Traffic Count page to show the value of advertising with TLC.
  • 5/4/02 ~~ Extensive redesigning of the links and pages concerning the On-line Accommodations Database.
  • 5/3/02 ~~ Updated prices on State Parks page to reflect rate changes of 5/1/02
  • 5/2/02 ~~ Broke up the Awards page into several pages to reduce page size. Not that there are an overwhelming number of awards, but the one page was getting a little heavy, and long.
  • 5/1/02 ~~ Added Fin and Feather Resort to our site, and to the Online Accommodations Database.
  • 5/1/02 ~~ Received the Sinapsis Bronze Award. My highest ranked award. I am indeed proud of this.
  • 5/1/02 ~~ Created this page, as a reference, so visitors can easily locate major updates and additions to this website.

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