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Database Help

Accommodations Database Help
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I an effort to aid you in the administration of this database, I've designed this help page to cover the use and trouble shooting details. So lets get started.

  • Logging in - Use the "Provider Login Here" link on your "Accommodations" page. (you can also set a bookmark or add the link to favorites) The login link has been set to open in a new browser window so that you can work in the data base and check your entries by simply switching browser windows. That way you can stay logged in until your finished.
  • Data Entry - The first page you come to, with a successful login, is the "Data Entry" page. This form is used to add entries to the "Check Accommodations" table visitors will see from the TLC website. The first box, you enter the number of rooms available for that listing . This field is up to you as to how you use it. You can explain the details in the comments section to better clarify. The second box, is room type. Here you can put motel, hotel, RV space, private, B&B, or whatever you wish to describe you accommodations. (Keep it short) The third box, is where you enter the rates. Enter only the numbers, (00.00) not the "$" sign, it will be added automatically. The forth box is the start of availability. The fifth box, is the end of availability. Enter the dates with the following format: mm/dd/yy. These three boxes, in red, are required entries for successful submission. If you get an error, by not filling these entries correctly, use your browsers "Back" button to correct and then submit it again. The sixth box, is for your comments. Add the particulars here, details, a short description, or whatever. It would be advised to keep this as short as possible. Your contact information will be on the "Check Accommodations" page visitors will see. When your finished filling out the form, click Submit, and the information will be added. You'll see a Thank You page and you'll be automatically returned to the Data Entry page.
  • View My Current Listings - Below the Data Entry form, you'll see a link to "View My Current Listings". This will take you to a page where you see all the listings on your "Check Accommodations" page. From here, you can select an entry by clicking on the "ID#" link in the first column. This will take you to that entries page, where you can change the information if you wish, or delete that entry from the database.

If you have trouble with the operation of this database, contact us and we'll get it straightened out for you. We have tried to make this simple to use, but understand that you may need some coaching at first. So, don't hesitate to contact us if you need to.
Try me first at 918 489-5609 or Greig at 1 888 758-0843. We'll be happy to help.

If you are interested in this on-line service, or if you have any questions, please contact Keith Hill by phone at 918 489-5609 or by e-mail

A very special thanks go to Greig Madlom, owner of Midwest Link Web Hosting Service, for his energetic effort in setting up this service for TLC. Without his help, and talent, this service would not be a reality today.
Be sure to check out his service for your hosting needs. Where it's nice to be able to deal with a real human being.

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