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ATTENTION ! Due to the recent move to a new server, the accommodations Database is not currently working. This page has been installed until such time as we get the database back up. Sorry for the inconvenience. TLC

Tenkiller Lake Central

Provider Check Availability Provider Login | (Password required)
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Accommodations Database Service from Tenkiller Lake Central.
Please read this page before loging in !

Introducing the new On-line Accommodations Database where your business can:

  • Log-in, (by user name and password) to your account, from any computer connected to the internet
  • Enter information on accommodations you have available
  • Add a new listing
  • Delete a listing
  • Make modifications to existing listings

Your information, once submitted, would be immediately available for visitors to the Tenkiller Lake Central website. You'll have complete control of the information listed in your "Check Availability Table" and, will be responsible for keeping it up-to-date with your listings, modifications, and deletions.

Account management has been set up for extreme "ease of use" by you. No need to call the webmaster to make changes. You can list as many accommodations as you have and make as many changes as you wish, 24-7-365.

*To see just how easily this works, follow this link, (opens new window) and print the resulting page for reference. Then return here and follow the instructions on the printed page.

This service would be great for hotel rooms, motel rooms, cabins, B&Bs, RV stations, or even for someone renting out a personal cabin or lake home. This would also be an excellent way to help fill those last minute cancellations. I don't know how many times I've been asked at a late date if I knew of a place someone could stay. This service provides a central place where visitors can go and find a place that's available. Will it be yours?

From the special link with your listing, on the "Lodging" page, visitors could access your "Availability Table" and see what you have open to rent at any given time. This page has room to display an expanded advertisement for your business, provide a link to your site (if you have one), an e-mail link, your phone/fax numbers, and coming very soon a link to a request reservations form. Try it out now, by clicking on Demo "Check Availability" link above. (This is just a sample) To see a working page, check out any of the businesses listed on the "Lodging" page where you see the "Check Current Accommodations" button.

You can also put our Check Current Accommodations link button on your own web page so, visitors to your site can, check your available rentals from there. You are welcome to save the graphic from this site and use it on your site, create your own graphic, or just add a text link, whichever meets your page design.

This is a fee based subscription service, with the following rates. But, hey, think of it this way, if this service fills one or two units that otherwise might not get rented through the year, it has paid for itself and will be making you money. Check here, for known traffic results generated from the TLC website to our advertizers sites !

Subscription Period Cost Per Month Per Year
3 months $30.00 $10.00 $120.00
6 months $55.00 $9.17 $110.00
1 year $99.00 $8.25 $99.00
One time setup fee of $35.00 to get you going!
For a limited time, we are waiving the one-time setup fee of $35.00, for providers who sign up for a 1 year subscription. Call 489-5609 for discounts on multiple accounts.

For the future, it is planned that, this service will be converted to a fully automated on-line reservation service, complete with secure on-line payments, deposited directly into your bank.

If you are interested in this on-line service, or if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Keith Hill by phone at 918 489-5609 or by e-mail

A very special thanks go to Greig Madlom, owner of Midwest Link Web Hosting, for his energetic effort in setting up this service for TLC. Without his help, and talent, this service would not be a reality today.
Be sure to check out his service for your hosting needs. Where it's nice to be able to deal with a real human being.

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Tenkiller Lake Central
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